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Insurance is a contract between policy holder and an assurer, where an assurer promises to pay a designated beneficiary a sum of money in exchange for a premium, upon the death of an insured person. To achieve this goal, a policy holder pays premiums regularly or in timely manner to assurer. 

Health Insurance 

Everybody wants healthy life. Health is wealth! Take steps to protect this wealth, as it should not be compromised under financial burden. We have an array of comprehensive health insurance policy to protect your health.

Why you need Health Insurance?

Good health is not guaranteed at various stages of life, but our preparation is guaranteed to make tomorrow better!
Life is full of uncertainties. What if you face sudden accident, illness or injury, and you are unable to pay medical bills. In times of hefty expense of health care, you might get stressed. In such case, health policy support if you in your financial emergency and make medical expenses manageable. We also have complete healthcare plan for your growing family and senior citizens with affordable premiums.
View all plans & feel the sense of security of health!

Life Insurance
Secure your family’s future financially!

You always loved your dear ones, and support them financially as well as emotionally, what if once you gone due to sudden mishappening? You may face unforeseen incidents anytime so be prepared in advance to take care of your family to avoid financial pressure on them. Contact our financial experts and know about right coverage and choose from different Term insurance, Savings, Whole-life, Retirement or Child plans to secure future of your family. We offer you smart, convenient & affordable plans to put you in control of your family's future. We have many insurance plans based of different features & suitability. If you’re worried about how to get insurance claims call us anytime! 

Home Insurance

We understand that your home and its belongings are result of some long years’ hard work. If you are worried about the safety of valuables at your home, then you are at the right place as we offer comprehensive Home Insurance Policy to protect your home against possible danger like fire, flood, burglary or natural calamity, etc. Choose our plan for coverage solution whether you’re a owner or tenant, we care for your personal belongings .

Our Home Insurance Policy Benefits:

1.We recover your home against losses like theft, fire or burglary by providing claim on time.
2.Protecting your valuables like jewelry mechanical & electronics items etc.
3.Providing Accident coverage for earning member of the family
4.Covering damages against fire or natural calamities.
5.Offering you massive discount if you opt for long term coverage

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