Mutual Fund

Mutual Fund
“Take A Safe Route: Invest in a Range of Funds- Divide the risk & Double the benefits”

Investing in Mutual Fund is one of the most chosen investment methods when you have limited time & knowledge to get involved in. Mutual Fund pools your money together with many other investors where they can make penny by selling or buying stocks or bonds. Being involved in pool of money you own shares invested by other people. Thus, the person shares gains or losses on equal basis depending on the amount you’ve invested. Diversified Investments increase the chances of benefit.

Portfolio Management:

Mutual Fund is the economical way of making money by portfolio mgmt. Each investor’s fund investment is monitored by group of professionals who create & manage portfolio that consists of stocks, bonds or short-term market instruments, assets etc. They decide which bonds & stocks should be in Funds’ portfolio based on their market research, they make investment decisions. Fund managers decide which securities to buy and sell through individual security evaluation, technical analysis as well as sector allocation.

Diversify the risk:

A mutual Fund investor can diversify his portfolio across numerous securities to minimize the risk. Thus, you need not to be worried on fluctuation of individual securities. The holdings of the mutual fund are known as its “underlying investments”, and the performance of those investments determine the fund's investment return.

Objectives of Our Mutual Fund:

Every person has unique needs based on their career path, inheritance, income & financial goals. We recommend well-managed Mutual Fund schemes to make better investments.  Whether you are looking for short term funds or fixed income investment, we have plan for everyone. Contact us to achieve your dreams.

You can invest in following:
1.Equity Funds
2.Debt Funds
3.Liquid Funds
4.Gold Funds

Invest in Mutual Fund Online with Dhansathi-

The most convenient way to buy & manage your mutual fund investments online. Start your Mutual Fund investment through SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) in no time.

Try fast, easy, convenient & paperless way of investing –
Fast setup -

Your registration process will take less than two minutes, we just need your PAN card details & date of birth. Start investing right after creation of account. Folios will be mapped from your account.

Paperless Transactions-

Stay tuned from your mobile to all transactions. It's that easy! Whether you invest in new or open folio, there is no need of forms or signatures on paper. Buy couple of SIPs in one go like you shop in ecommerce

Tracking & monitoring of Investments-

You can see how your investments are performing, get view on annualized returns and can access portfolios hidden details like received dividends, redemptions etc.

Proactive alerts-

Get notifications of upcoming expiring transactions to make systematic investment without a miss.

All historic transactions at one place –

Get consolidated view of financial & non financial transaction at one place across schemes & folios.

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